What Is The Best Squat Rack for Sale in 2017?

Are you looking for a squat rack for sale that is loaded with more features than other products in this class? If your answer is affirmative then you should check out the three products featured below. Each one of them has been selected because of their features such as a lot of space to work out in, stability while you are busy with your workout, and capacity to hold large weights.

Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage

titan power rack cage

The Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage is one of the best products currently in the market for someone looking for a solution to do the shrugs, squats, curls, military presses, bench presses and a lot more. It has been designed in such a way that you will have free movement inside it as you attempt a number of body exercises. Variety is added by a chin up bar on the upper side which provides a good grip with its light knurling.


  • Lots of work out space if you compare with other racks in the same class
  • Steel safety and short pins made from 1” round solid steel
  • 2“ adjustments on 28 holes
  • Manufactured with heavy duty steel
  • Capacity to take up to 700 lbs.

When your brand new Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage is delivered in 2 packages, you will be delighted by the fact that both safety hooks and bars are now chrome made. This means that you will have no issues with the paint peeling off.

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Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat StandValor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

If you consider yourself a serious weightlifter and you still do not have the Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand, then you should think again about your claim. In the manufacturing of this stand, special consideration was placed on adding a base that is expandable, bar supports that are adjustable, and safety bar catch. The plate storage pegs are at the bottom.


  • Upright posts measuring 42.75 inches
  • A maximum weight of 500 lbs. is recommended
  • The base can be adjusted to provide a larger footprint and therefore add more stability
  • A back plate measuring 5 inch helps to catch the bar while the weightlifter makes their way back to stand

The Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand provides a great alternative for a power rack. One of the things that will impress you about this power rack stand is that it is space efficient. This product has a great quality and will fit very well in your small apartment. When you use this stand, you will never have to be concerned about stability.

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Rep Short Power Rack with Dual Pullup BarsRep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars

When you go for the Rep Short Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars you have the convenience of choice. It is up to you whether you buy the power rack on its own, the rack equipped with a dip attachment, the rack with its bench, or maybe an added pair of J cups that do not come with the rack. At 72”tall, this power rack will fit in most places, whether you are planning to use it in the spare bedroom, in your garage of in your specifically designed home gym.


  • Measures 26 inches in depth and 44 inches in width
  • Comes with dual pull up bars and 2-inch flat grip
  • The Matte black powder coating does not only make it look great, it also makes sure that it does not rust easily

If you opt to include the adjustable bench when you buy this power rack, you will just need to ensure that you tighten all the bolts and nuts. Otherwise, your bench will not be as solid as it has been made to be.

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