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Are you in the market for the best Proform elliptical in the market? Check out the three Proform Elliptical reviews below. Each product has been selected because of the features that put your exercise in your hands. When you use any of the Proform Elliptical machines reviewed, you will never be bored doing the same exercises over and over as each one of them comes preloaded with a variety of programs that will give you variety. You will also like the fact that with all of them you can connect your musical gadgets and listen to your best tunes while working out.

ProForm Hybrid TrainerProForm Hybrid Trainer

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a machine that has been designed for anyone who wants to train with an unprecedented amount of versatility. When using this elliptical you can select from a workout on a cardio recumbent bike or an elliptical program that targets the whole body. Your brand new machine is delivered fully loaded with 16 workout applications that are fully loaded, all you need to find is the start button.


  • Workout information is displayed on a large LCD screen
  • Equipped with 16 levels of digital resistance
  • Equipped with wheels for easy transportation
  • Weight capacity of 350 lb.

The one thing that makes this machine one of the best in the market is the 16 resistance levels. This means that the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is designed for people at different levels from beginner to advanced. You can go up the levels as you get fitter. With this machine, you can also plug in your MP3 and iPod to listen to your favorite music as you do your workouts.

Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical MachineProform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine

If you are looking for a machine specially designed for you not to be bored while you do your exercise, then you need to give the Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine serious consideration. When this machine is made, the main aim is to deliver a workout that is low maintenance while at the same time targeting all the parts of your body with the aim of toning them just the way you want. While working out both your lower and upper body on this elliptical, you can plug in your tablet and watch your favorite movie.


  • Equipped with a total of 18 workout applications, you will never be bored
  • Compatible to iFit, you will need an iFit wireless module to use this feature
  • Equipped with a weight capacity of 300 lb.
  • A backlight display of 5 inches

Be prepared to assemble your machine. It can get a bit complicated to put it together but you will soon get it right. Get yourself a rubber mallet and your life will become a lot easier.

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainerpfel18014_lg_1-1

Anyone looking for a machine that mixes quality engineering with the best fitness technology in the market should try the ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer. If you will not go to the mountain, the mountain will come to your gym, thanks to the incline feature.  With a quick selection of the adjustments, the incline feature can target different muscle groups including the gluts, calves, and quads.


  • Equipped with power adjustable incline feature
  • Compatible with iFit technology
  • The inertia enhance flywheel weighs 18 pounds
  • Assembles in a matter of minutes

Your workout on this machine will never be boring, thanks to the fact that you can connect your iPod. You can also select from a variety of other workout programs available through IFit. A total of 22 workout applications come installed into the machine. Select your workout from 20 resistance levels. For your convenience, the machine is equipped with a water bottle holder.

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