The Reliable Concept 2 Model E Review

Are you in the market for a rowing machine that will do exactly what you have bought it for without leaving a deep wall in your pocket? Then you should be looking at the Concept 2 Model E much closer. If you have seen the Model D, you will be excused for thinking that the two are similar. However, the model E comes with a number of improvements which indicate that the manufacturer has listened to the needs of users and incorporated them into the latest models.

FeaturesReliable Concept 2 Model E

Some of the features that make the Concept 2 Model E on of the leading products in its class include the following.

  • Designed for full-body and low impact workout
  • Flywheel has been designed to work quietly
  • Equipped with a performance monitor to deliver accurate data that you can use to compare
  • The two pieces can be easily separated so that it stores easily
  • Easy to move around, thanks to the built-in caster wheels
  • Designed with an arm monitor which is adjustable and a 20” seat height
  • Has a capacity of 500 pounds

Made To Look Great

This rower has been manufactured to look great because it is mostly used indoors. Your brand new Concept 2 Model E arrives looking solid and lustrous in black or light gray. Whether you are going to put it in the fitness center, the living room of a small apartment, or in your home gym, it will never fail to look great. Looking great does not compromise its ability to provide you with a full body workout that will leave you muscles toned and your body looking the way you want it to.

The Changes

The Concept 2 Model E is an improvement from the Model D. Some of the changes you will expect to see include a more comfortable feel and seat that is placed on a 20-inch frame. If you have any mobility or joint challenges, you will certainly like this as it makes getting on and getting off the machine a lot easier. The improvements also include a nickel plated chain that does not require too much maintenance. So you will be spending more time on the machine than greasing it. Of course, the leading feature is the now standard advanced performance monitor.

The Prize Goes To The Performance Monitor

The greatest feature in the Concept 2 Model E is probably the performance monitor they call the PM5. Apart from being packed with class-leading features, this monitor is also easy to use. Some of the improvements you will notice is that the arm of the monitor is now in a position that is fixed, making it easy to interact with. The PM5 uses a chest belt to help monitor your heart rate. You will not have to put up with wires that may interfere with your workout.

Motivate Yourself With Games And Other FeaturesReliable Concept 2 Model E

The PM5 is equipped with extra games and other features that you will not be able to find in models that come before this one. The aim of the games is that they should keep you motivated and give you the all-important sense of achievement. A log card is provided to assist you in storing your workout preferences and data important for your workouts. The advantage of this is that you are able to take your data with you no matter where life takes you.

The Concept 2 Model E is a great machine to have. If you think that it comes at a cost higher than other machines in its class, the reason is that it is actually superior in its features and outstanding quality that delivers a perfect workout, time after time.


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