Choosing The Best Home Gyms Equipment

If you are in the market for the best home gyms, congratulations. You will not have to put up with strange and sometimes outright disrespectful behavior from other gym members who have no regard for other people. Also, you will not have to worry about the health issues associated with using machines that are being used by everybody else.

Buying a home gym is not just as simple as going to the best retailer and getting the next machine you see. You have to ask yourself a few questions. For example, define the main goal of why you are buying the home gym. Ask yourself questions relating to the price that you want to pay. Which features can you do without and which ones will you not compromise.

Decide Your Budget37076569-gym-wallpaper

For many people who are not millionaires the cost of a product still plays the biggest part in the eventual product they ultimately buy. However, the fact that you do not have money to buy the best top of the range home gym does not mean that you cannot have the best. When you have decided to buy your gym, start by doing adequate homework. There are many resources including the websites of major international retailers that you can look at. Check out what others already using the equipment are saying and look out for any good home gyms that are being sold at discounts. It is advisable that you only buy once you are sure that you have properly scanned the market.

Look At What The Home Gym Will Allow You To Do

Another important thing is to define the reason before you buy your home gym. A good home gym should be able to allow you to do a number of exercises that target the whole of the body such as exercises that target the chest area, allow you to do shoulder workouts, and target the arms. Check out how the home gym will allow you to do your leg workouts, the back workout and the abs workout. If the gym is able to do all this, then you will know that it is the machine that will help you target all the important muscle groups in your body.

Consider Your Space Issues

Just because you love what a home gym can do for you does not necessarily guarantee that you will have the space to put your gym in. When you buy your equipment, first of all measure the space where you are going to put the home gym in. Once you are clear about this, you can then check the dimensions of the equipment you want to buy. If it is the one but it will not fit in the space, then you may have to consider another one that will fit.

Take The Exercises You Enjoy Into Account

Even if the squat rack is the one you want, you still have to consider if it will allow you to do all the exercises that you enjoy. Most of the gyms in the market will allow you a chance to pick and select how you are going to build your gym. For example, if you enjoy cycling, you will select different equipment to build your home gym than you would do if you loved running. This will help you to avoid buying a gym that you will only use occasionally or only just once. That would be a waste of not only your money, but your effort and space.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cagemarcydiamondelitesmithmachine-2

The designers of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage were driven by an aim of making a machine that will be great for a home gym but match those in commercial gyms. They understood that a home gym does not need to be any inferior from the ones in the commercial gyms. The home gym is a combination of three diverse kinds of strength machines into a single compact design.


  • Base frame designed to stand off the floor and increase stability
  • Bar catches that are adjustable
  • Appropriate muscle isolation, thanks to the pivot point dedicated to the leg developer

Other components you should look forward to getting when you use this machine include, a weight bench for different functions and a total weight capacity of 600 lb.

Bowflex PR1000 Home GymBowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The over 30 exercises incorporated into the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym will help you to not only give strength to your muscles but also add a little cardio training. On top of the 30 exercises, you will also get a rowing station built in. The power rod resistance is 230 pounds; it will help you to target the major muscle areas of the body.


  • Affordable but still gives a proper body workout
  • Resistance ranges from 5 to over 210 pounds
  • Choose from as many as 30 exercises
  • A maximum user weight of 300 pounds

The Bowflex PR1000’s power rods are patented and provide a resistance that rivals weights that are free standing. The advantage with the ones on this machine is that they do not come with the inertia or risk associated with pain in the joints usually experienced when using free weights. This home gym is manufactured to be strong. It is made from the highest quality composite material that gets tested at least four times to ensure that every single thing is in order before it is delivered to you.

Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym600849cfdab867fc338ccc433b23d642

The over 30 exercises ensure that you get a workout that targets all the parts of your body. When this home gym was manufactured, the aim was to ensure that those doing workouts at home should enjoy the same quality as those who do their exercises in the commercial gyms. Of course without the drama associated with exercising in a gym. This is the machine for any fitness enthusiast who is looking for a solution that will assist them to build powerful muscles that are lean by ensuring an increase in metabolism.


  • Leg curl exercises facilitated by a double function leg developer
  • Exercises that target the upper, and lower parts of the body
  • Back exercises made possible by an overhead lat station

One of the most impressive things about this gym is that it was designed by scientists who understand that in order to shed off weight, your metabolism has to be increased. This is exactly what they then went ahead and incorporated into the machine. If the unit happens to be a little more expensive when compared to others in its class it is truly because it is way better.

Home Gym Weider 214 lb StackHome Gym Weider 214 lb Stack

Are you looking for a machine that works well on the overall? Then you should be giving the Home Gym Weider 214 lb. Stack a serious look at. You will be impressed by the smoothness of the pulleys. Assembling this home gym can be a bit of a challenge as some of the components are not so clearly marked. However, because most of the components are marked clearly you will soon be able to see where particular components that are not marked well should go.


  • Assembles in a little less than an hour when being done by two people
  • Pulleys move very smooth
  • Easy to use once set up
  • Cables run smooth and the machine runs quietly

The thing that makes this machine a great alternative is the variety of exercises that you can do on it. This variety ensures that no muscles will be left out in your workout. The one thing that manufacturers should work on is to ensure that all the parts are clearly marked so that it will take a lot less time to assemble this home gym.

Powerline Home GymPowerline Home Gym

The reason why the Powerline Home Gym is known as the user-friendly gym is that it has been manufactured in such a way that it provides a multifunction experience. The home gym has been designed with the aim of not only making free range movements possible but also to provide a wide range of motion for different types of users. The fact that the home gym is made to ensure an ergonomically right position for the press arm, and one just right for the training arm, makes this the machine that allows you to enjoy traditional exercises while also giving you practical training in one compact machine.


  • Comes with leg presses included
  • A 160lb weight stake is also a part of the package
  • Low, middle and high pulleys ensure that you get a large number of exercises

With this machine, you will enjoy added features including the handgrips that can be used in a variety of positions and a seat height that is adjustable for the right fit. If you are looking for a machine that can easily be called a smooth operator, then this may be the machine that will make your wish come true.

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